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Invisalign's Role in Transforming Comprehensive Dental Care:
The Integrated Approach.

This curriculum focuses on building a solid foundation in Invisalign treatment for general dentists.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Invisalign process, case assessment, and diagnosis.
The training is designed to provide dentists with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently integrate Invisalign into their practice and an understanding of integrating Invisalign treatment with periodontics, TMJ, occlusion, and sleep apnea considerations. Price: $250 per session.


Session 1

Introduction to Invisalign

Session 2

Invisalign Treatment Process

Session 3

Invisalign Aligner and Attachments

Session 4

Comprehensive Cases and Advanced Concepts

Session 5

Periodontics and Invisalign

Session 6

TMJ and Occlusion Considerations

Session 7

Sleep Apnea and Invisalign